Wherever You Are, Be All There

We slog 24/7, 365 days a year to take that well-deserved trip, and what do we end up doing? We try to accomplish everything off the list, try to perfect our Instagram, worry about the wifi in the hotel, get disappointed because the hair doesn't look right in the pictures and what not. We want you to travel in a mindful way, we want you to travel in a way that the experience transforms you, your mind and your state of being. We want you to be absolutely present 100% in the place that you are. And how do we do that?

We Want You To

Exploring Nature
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Be present and reset your mind. find joy in simple things during your travel - it could be experiencing sunrise over the horizon , breathing in crisp clean air or people-watching in the cultural capital of Europe.

Putting down the black mirror will open you up the door to genuinely enjoy your surroundings, laugh, reflect, and give the moment 100% of yourself. Let’s find ourselves living the moment.

Switch Off

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Exploring Nature
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Be who you are, and practice who you are every day of your trip. Have you always wanted to go scuba diving in Indonesia? Here's your chance! Have you always wanted to take a baking class in Paris? Here's your chance.

We want you to experiment with your routine. Experiment with yourself, be someone who talks to strangers on the street, or someone who enjoys hiking, or someone who basks in everything around himself in vivid detail.


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Pledge To Be Sustainable 

While we organize travel we also want to do it in a way that doesn't make us the environment's enemy. We have pledged to do our bit and keep adding to it.

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Going Digital

We want to start by going completely digital and paperless. We will give all your holiday-related documents in an e-format.

Plant A Trip

We will pledge a tree and plant one for every person who travels with us. This is us doing our bit in reducing carbon footprint, improving the environment for animals, taking care of the soil, fight global warming and get more food produce! We will also provide an Etree certificate for every tree that has been planted.


Yes our tours will make you experience all of the above & more 

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