Sometimes we travel to escape a routine. Sometimes we travel to live a dream. With friends, family, cousins or a large social group. Travel is about experiencing happiness together. Vibrant Holiday Destinations specializes in curating immersive moments that everyone aspires for. Our well traveled and experienced team of destination specialists work constantly to bring you magic. From identifying the holiday purpose to suggesting the latest trends, designing (planning) the itinerary and executing it with finesse and care. We take care of every tour end to end. We have plans dedicated specially to fulfil every travel fantasy for your honeymoon.

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Popular Tours

Some destinations are so popular that the flavours they offer are all embracing. Their charm never goes out of style. Vibrant brings to you a potpourri of such offerings which are year round favourites like South Africa, Scandinavia.
Whether you are travelling with your group of friends, extended family, colleagues or classmates – the experiences in these locales are always of great value and appeal.

Cultural Rallies

Cultural travellers leave their home to experience life from a new culture of a distant land. It is explorative and transformative travel. 

We fulfil your desire to become a part of the culture you visit, by curating opportunities to interact with the local people, attend local festivals, eat local food and experience an immersive slice of local life. 

Our tours are specifically crafted for the purpose of enriching your senses with a myriad of local flavours ! Travelling in a group or as a student or with your team – VE’s Cultural Rallies is the right answer for a culturally enriching experience. 

Wildlife Treats

Do you live for shows like Animal Planet and would like to experience a nature documentary for real? If so, Wildlife Treats were made for you. 

To all our wildlife enthusiasts out there how would it be if you were walking amongst multi-colored iguanas, watching the lion hunt his prey, waking up to an African sunrise and a view of zebras, giraffes and elephants or catching a glimpse of a shy koala in the treetops while marvelling at the sheer number of kangaroos? 

Hop on, discover more for yourself.

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