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Get To Know Us

Vibrant Experiences was a dream that a family of avid travelers saw together. They wanted to create tours that they would curate for themselves. The idea was to make people experience travel in a way that they did!

This was achieved through three branches of curated escapades - Vibrant World Events, Vibrant Minds and Vibrant Holiday Destinations, catering to corporate, education and leisure tours respectively.

All Things Vibrant


Our Purpose

At Vibrant Experiences, our motto is Help Share Happiness. We want to achieve this by making a uniquely curated tour filled with inspiring and life-enriching experiences for you and your dearest.

We want to build a community of travellers who enjoy travelling the vibrant way!

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What Makes Us Stand Out?

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In-depth First Hand Experience

We have in-depth first hand experience curating tours. All our team members are avid travellers and hence can tailor every tour with precision and ease.

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Our Travellers Are Our Priority!

Our travellers are our absolute priority. We study and understand all our travellers in great detail before we suggest and curate holidays for them!

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We Help You Reach Your Purpose

All holidays are planned as per the purpose of our customers. Some travel with a purpose of exploring where as some travel with a purpose of understanding the culture of a place. Whatever your purpose is we help you achieve it.


Exceptional Ideas And Unique Experiences!

We believe in crafting holidays in a unique way. When we craft a holiday, we try to include the unusual things that a spot offers and the hidden gems that a tourist would normally miss out on. We want our travellers to explore every place beyond superficial things.

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Extensive Global Reach & Accreditations

We have tied up with a lot of tourism boards of various countries to ease our travellers' trips. We have international tie-ups with everything right from hotels, rentals and local people, which makes our travellers experience very seamless.

Choose What You Want To Do,

Where You Want To Go And

Leave The How Upto Us!