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Our Vision

Vibrant Experiences was born with the philosophy of Help Share Happiness. Our passion to satisfy your aspirations & desires and get you to understand a place wholly - the cultures, people, food, music - leaving an impression on your heart and mind. Every tour we design is with the sole aim of making you feel inspired, educated and reborn in your own ways.


Ultimately we want to create a community full of people who share the same vision and want to experience the world in a moving way.

Our Offerings


Cultural Rallies

Like the name suggests this all you people who want to dive headfirst Into a country's history and culture.

If you’re someone who likes to get camouflaged into the culture and people of a place, you've come to the right seat.

I Am Life

Life is short. Its clichéd but it’s so true. Explore and live life to the fullest by making your wildest adventurous fantasies come true. Scuba dive in the deepest waters, or cycle on mountains, ski on the thickest glaciers. If you can dream it, you can do it.



Designed Tours

How good your holiday planning is decides how good your holiday is going to turn out to be. From identifying the holiday purpose, suggesting the latest trends, designing the itinerary to executing it with finesse and care. Designed tours take care of all your end to end tour requirements.

Wildlife Treats

What's the best way to feel alive than to be around the magical creatures of nature! Holding our breath as a mountain gorilla stares sombrely at us in Rwanda, feeling the reverberation of thousands of hooves of Kenyan wildebeest in our chests. Let’s take a sneak peek into the wild and see how truly magnificent these creatures are.

 Wellness Retreats 

Do you need a time out in your life? A trip to relax, rejuvenate and collect yourself? Then this one's for you. Be it yoga, surfing or Pilates adventure, we will plan a wellness retreat for you! Get pampered with evening sound baths and chef-made meals. Revive your mind with all the positive vibes you get from meeting new people and come back as a better positive version of yourself.



Introducing Our Verticals

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